Helping small businesses, organizations and individuals flourish through innovative and mission-driven marketing, events and training. 

She asked all the right questions, provided me with presentation guidance and wrote all of the content featured on my site. 

– Jacob Zepeda

Our online presence is at an unprecedented high. She is a social media guru, always thinking outside of the box. 

– Cat Battista

The marketing for this year’s event was outstanding! There was a new energy never before seen, elevating the guest experience.

– Dan Campbell

From my tagline to my strategic plan, Concrete Rose empowered me to tell my story.

– Francis Lopez

Online Presence

We provide web design, SEO, eCommunications, social media management, domain, DNS & MX support (which may sound like another language but basically we take you from to Yes, we’re saying that custom email that IT firm quoted you thousands of dollars for is actually within reach.


When it comes to events, we have done it all. From private concerts and galas to kick-off parties and nightclub events. We’ll give you a sneak peek into our 2020 Event Season too (we’ve been booked for our first ever conference). We provide packages for those seeking advance event marketing, as well as day of event coordination. 

Learn how to rise up. Then defy the odds.

Our training workshops aren’t your typical room with chairs, desks and a decorated orator who will usually try to sell you something. You’ll introduce yourself – always, learn how to write an interview-worthy resume or curriculum vitae, deliver impromptu speeches, compare the different incorporating options or develop a strategic plan. You might dance, exercise and cry. We partner with leaders who call out the elephant in the room and break barriers to help you not only sharpen your skills but develop personally and leave inspired. Our workshops are not limited to individuals; we conduct team-building sessions as well. Our model is more intimate; we look forward to cultivating relationships with all of our attendees. There’s nothing worse than having unanswered questions because of fear of judgement or lack of confidence. We’re here to help you find that!


(630) 465-6920

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